The fantastic Reborn Baby Dolls Present For Your Kids.He was always very gentle with this doll, just as he was always gentle with his precious sister. Never did I see him hurt her or hit her. (though yes, of course he did get impatient sometimes, as all older siblings do, when she followed him everywhere.) And all these things helped to shape him into the amazing young man that he is now.Too often, men do not actually know the way to be fathers. Playing with newborn silicone baby dolls is currently helping them to learn. I cannot understand why people have no problem encouraging girls to'play mummy' but heaven forbid boys'play'. Are they so very desirous of unmarried women getting pregnant and raising children without a father in the picture at all?We need to be encouraging small boys to nurture their soft side - and we all know that they do have one and indeed are often considerably more snuggly than little girls. Yes, we need them to still be masculine and strong, but there is great strength in showing ones milder aspects of compassion and kindness.Please ignore people who tell you to eliminate the doll. They are being nasty and there's absolutely nothing wrong with little boys having baby dolls - . For one, imaginative play does not set children. It has more to do with the real practice of the imaginations not the content. But if you shame him for play, he will not understand why, he will simply have negative emotions surrounding that subject. What's wrong with wanting to become a dad? Frankly, the taboo surrounding boys playing with dolls and"girl toys" is the most ignorant fear. First, if your child is going to be gay, they just are, and any loving parent shouldn't have a problem with that. As I mentioned above, this is play and should be left alone. Why would you need to change a child's nurturing personality? Too feminine?? He is THREE... In a few years, perhaps even a few months it's likely your son will be throwing that doll in the dirt and running it over with monster trucks. In case you think their imagination at play is a threat to their identity that is potential, which is a bit more concerning. My son is in love with his baby brother. Attempting to share his toys, snacks, and constantly giving kisses to him. Concerned when he cries. He is 17 months old and fretting about his newborn little brother. Should I be concerned that he is not being boyish enough? When I put it that way now does it seem silly? That's about the highest compliment you can receive from a kid that age. That is your ground and ignore what your friends say. Children's play (especially role play) is their"work". It is how they learn. Your son loves you, admires you, and would like to be like you. I can not think of a compliment to your parenting than that. Role play is kids learn and your son is learning to be an excellent daddy. Respect to you! Good job.As an aside, I received my son an anatomically correct doll baby boy doll when he was just a bit older than your son. He had already had dolls to play with because he had so many sisters, but I wanted to get him one that was clearly a boy like him. He blushed liked I'd never seen him blush which surprised mebut really enjoyed playing it. He called the doll after himself.My son is now a teenager. He is a man who protective of his sisters, is polite, good at mathematics, and loves building things. Best deal for Reborn Dolls & Clothing.When I was pregnant with my daughter, I wanted a reborn babies dolls for adoption for my son to play with when I was looking after the baby.I did already have a tough plastic rubba dub doll which I myself was awarded when my brother was born and I had been told that the first thing I had done was to dong him on the head! So I didn't want a recurrence of that, and was needing something... sexier...The gap was however, that I turned 2 three months after my brother was born; whereas my daughter was born two weeks before her older son turned three. I shouldn't have been concerned .After she was born, their father went to the shops and came back with a Bob the builder doll. He believed it was great!Our son - well, the look on his face was enough for me to understand that he was not in any way interested in Bob the builder! He wanted to be as near as possible to her as he could and was of course. He loved to hold her and kiss her and cuddle in near...I realized pretty quickly that my fears were groundless regarding the first doll and gave it to him. He loved carrying her around (Yeah, I've had that doll for around 41 years now and she's the only toy that I do actually still have from my childhood - she sits on top of a bookshelf clothed in a little dress that a primary teacher sewed for me over thirty years ago and is an antique now), bathing her, putting nappies on her, and he 'breastfed' her. Cheap and high quality full body silicone reborn babies.When I was a girl, my loved ones and their friends gave me dolls. I had to beg for the pistols and swords that I had to participate in the adventures and wars that the kids in our neighborhood. When I played I played with safaris in the jungle (in my room) and all those dolls came handy as my native porters.When my son was in kindergarten, he loved most of all to drive. There were just a few tricycles and pedal cars in the playground, and the boys got them . So he started to play with dolls. Each day he put dolls in a stroller and marched around the playground pushing it. What he played? Busdriver!My second child, a woman, at a certain age when she had been going through some difficult time settling in in a new school, took her dolls aside, legs, heads, arms thrown everywhere, as a method of getting revenge against those dreadful grownups that were making her life miserable at the time (teachers and parents ). My child, also a woman, was more into playing. So she kept painting everything (dolls and trucks and doorhandles equally ) in bright colors.So yes, toys are for children's fantasies and games. Dolls are not necessarily used to learn about the joys of parenting, that's a grownup's perspective.